Solar Panel

YGE 72 Cell Series 2

The workhorse of the series, the YGE 72 Cell has the biggest dimensions and is ideal for large-scale power plants. It has been proven in operation in several of the world's most prominent utility projects.

This series is UL and IEC certified which are both universally recognized and respected throughout the solar industry.


• Durable PV modules, independently tested for harsh environmental conditions such as exposure to salt mist, ammonia and known PID risk factors.

Advanced Glass
• Our high-transmission glass features a unique anti-reflective coating that directs more light on the solar cells, resulting in a higher energy yield.

Extended Size
• Our large-format module facilitates system-level cost savings through reduced handling and installation times.

PID Resistant
• Tested in accordance to the draft standard IEC 62804, our PV modules have demonstrated resistance against PID (Potential Induced Degradation), which translates to security your investment.